Terrestrial LiDAR

Eisenbraun & Associates utilizes the technology of High-Definition Surveying using 3D Laser Scanning which is an ultra-fast, highly accurate alternative way to capture spatial data and to create realistic 3D models of any object or space. It has many uses, including architectural and historical applications, forensic crime scene investigation as well as for general surveying projects.

High speed laser measures a structure in great detail as it currently exists, capturing data without making physical measurements.

Millions of survey points are now captured in less time than it takes for hundreds of points using conventional equipment: 50,000 points per minute at 6 mm accuracy.

Detailed 3D point cloud created, then used to make CAD drawings, 3D CAD models or virtual fly-through animations.

High Resolution Photography is also obtained by the scanning system: full dome, 360-degree images.

For indoor and outdoor use, in all light levels – even total darkness.


  • Site and engineering surveys: especially effective in road and bridge surveys with high traffic volumes as the survey data can safely be collected without placing surveyors in harm's way.

  • Topographic Surveys: with a 300 M (˜1000 feet) range, the ScanStation 2 can be used to efficiently conduct topo surveys, especially helpful on sites with great amounts of detail.

  • Historical Buildings: complete record documentation can be captured and archived by surveying buildings and historic landmarks of all sizes both inside and outside.

  • As-Built Surveys and Drawings: traditional 2D CAD drawings or 3D models of plants, facilities, or any other type of project can be created from as-built surveys captured with scanning technology.

  • Forensic Investigations: total capture of high resolution photographic and measurement data of crime scenes or accident scenes assures that nothing is overlooked or disturbed and will always be available for further analysis or courtroom exhibits.

  • Profiles, Volumes, Area Calculations, and Quantity Surveys: results quickly and safely determined in the field.

Representative Projects:

Mississippi River Lock & Dam Site Surveys

St. Joseph Cathedral Renovation Project

Historic Mead Building Survey

Red Rock Dam Renovation Project

Sacred Heart Church Survey

Ag Holding Pond As-built Survey

Lower Boulder Creek Bridge Survey

Waste Stockpile Volume Survey


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District
Yankton County Historical Society and Dakota Territorial Museum
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
St. Joseph Cathedral


Historic Applications.pdf
General Surveying Applications.pdf
Forensic Applications.pdf
Architectural Applications.pdf