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Dakota Dome Replacement at the University of South Dakota

Vermillion, South Dakota

The Dakota Dome on the University of South Dakota campus, with a seating capacity of 10,000, is one of the largest basketball arenas in the area. The 145,000 square feet facility was built in 1979 and houses seven basketball courts, three volleyball courts, four racquetball courts, a 25-meter pool, and an eight-lane 200-meter track. When the artificial turf is placed on the floor of the dome, a full-sized football field is created. One of the unique features of the Dakota Dome was its semi-transparent air supported roof. After more than 20 years since its construction, it was determined that its useful life had been reached and a decision was made to replace the inflatable roof with a permanent steel roof with a 60-year expected life. Eisenbraun & Associates provided the data collection and surveying services for the design-build team that was led by Harris Construction of Lawrence, Kansas.

The E/A Approach
Eisenbraun & Associates provided precise horizontal and vertical control on each of the 28 columns supporting the domed structure for use in the structural design of the new roofing system. Our survey crews used multiple kinematic GPS observations on numerous points on each column cap to determine final horizontal coordinates for the designers. E/A crews then gingerly ran differential level circuits around the perimeter ring wall on top of the roof using an electronic digital level to establish precise elevations on all of the control points. Surveys inside the dome were also necessary to accurately locate the position of the temporary tower that supported the steel trusses as they were lifted into place.

The Outcome
The survey was completed on time for the design-build team, and the construction of the new roof was successfully completed over a six-month period.