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City of Yankton Geodetic Control Network and City-wide Mapping Project

Yankton, South Dakota

Eisenbraun & Associates was retained by the City of Yankton for the purpose of developing a city-wide mapping database in AutoCAD format that incorporated the location of all city owned facilities. The project team worked closely with the City staff in the planning stages. We recommended that a first order geodetic control network be established first so that a permanent system of horizontal and vertical control would be available for all present and future surveys in the City.

The E/A Approach
Working in conjunction with our subconsultant, GeoResearch, Inc. of Billings, Montana, E/A’s survey crews utilized GPS equipment to establish state plane coordinates and MSL elevations on a network of permanent monuments that were constructed throughout the City. Three of the first order monuments were registered with the NGS (Bluebooked) as a part of the project. Our survey crews then utilized electronic total stations and real time kinematic GPS receivers to capture the location of all streets and city-owned utilities, including water system, sanitary sewer and storm sewer. The data were downloaded daily and imported to AutoCAD files. The extensive graphical database that was developed serves as the base map for a future city-wide Geographical Information System.

The Outcome
Since the initial project, Eisenbraun & Associates has continued to update the city mapping system for Yankton. The system has also now been expanded to include the city's extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) area around the perimeter of the community. Over 70 section and quarter-section corners have been recovered or re-established during the process of mapping all of the platted subdivisions. Updated aerial photography has been integrated as well as all zoning and infrastructure changes. The system has become a vital tool used every day in Yankton's city government.