US AFB Mapping Projects

TIGER File Update

Wayne City-wide Mapping

Yankton GPS Control Survey

USD Dakota Dome Roof Survey

National Levee Database Surveys

Aerial Mapping Control of U.S. Air Force Bases

Barksdale AFB near Shreveport, Louisiana;

Shaw AFB near Sumter, South Carolina

Eisenbraun & Associates was the Prime Consultant in a project to provide aerial mapping of two U.S. Air Force bases. E/A was responsible for providing accurate GPS ground survey data for other firms on the project to complete the mapping.

The E/A Approach
For each base, Eisenbraun & Associates worked with an aerial photogrammetry firm to provide the necessary ground control surveys, airborne GPS controlled aerial photography, and precision topographic mapping of designated areas. Similarly, for each base E/A provided all ground control surveys, including monumentation for primary control. E/A utilized state plane coordinates during the survey. Final delivery to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers included hard copy map sheets generated by AutoCad, Arc/Info 3-D CADD files, AutoCAD 3-D CADD files, aerotriangulation, and digital ortho-photography compatible with Arc/Info and AutoCad.

The Outcome
The project was completed within budget and ahead of schedule.