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near Yankton, South Dakota

Lewis and Clark Lake is the most-downstream reservoir on the Missouri River – it is formed by the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Gavins Point Dam. The Omaha District of the US Army Corps of Engineers had knowledge that data from a 1971 boundary survey of Lewis and Clark Lake had critical discrepancies. The Omaha District contracted Eisenbraun & Associates to conduct research and provide a boundary re-survey of the flawed previous survey. Steep terrain, heavy tree cover and difficult weather conditions would need to be overcome to complete this resurvey.

The E/A Approach
Eisenbraun & Associates crews researched and surveyed adjacent subdivisions to determine where gaps and overlaps existed along the Government boundary throughout three sections along Lewis and Clark Lake in Knox County, Nebraska. A replat to correct the former problems was prepared and filed at the completion of the field survey.

The Outcome
The final delivery included a copy of the final filed plat, an Intergraph DGN file and tabular listing of found and set corners in state plane coordinates (NAD 83). E/A also provided a detailed analysis of the problem areas found in the survey.