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Vermillion, South Dakota

The Vermillion landfill was serving two counties and three major communities in southeastern South Dakota. The landfill served a population of approximately 35,000 people who were generating an average of 80 tons of waste per operational day. The landfill needed to go through a major expansion effort to maintain efficient operation. Eisenbraun & Associates was selected to provide design and construction management services to the City of Vermillion for Subtitle ‘D’ landfill expansion.

The E/A Approach
Eisenbraun & Associates, in conjunction with the Vermillion City Engineer’s office, had previously designed and managed the construction of a “Sub-Title D” lateral expansion to the Vermillion landfill. Therefore, E/A was able to provide concise engineering services for the Trench #2 expansion. The scope of our services on this project included preparation of final trench design and construction bid documents, project surveying activities, management of construction quality assurance activities, and project management duties. A unique design feature was the incorporation of a groundwater interception trench to facilitate dewatering of a chronic soil saturation problem at the site. All-weather access and storm water drainage improvements were incorporated into the Trench #2 design as well.

The Outcome
The expansion project was completed on time and under budget.