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Yankton Livestock Auction and Feedyards

Yankton, South Dakota

Yankton Livestock Auction Market and Feedyards is a long-term business in Yankton County that had been located in the north side of the City of Yankton until 1974. Due to the City's northward growth, the EPA provided financial incentive to the business to move to their current location three miles north of Yankton on Highway 81. When the facility was moved to the new location, a state-of-the-art facility was built for cattle feeding operations and for livestock auction. The facility had the capacity to feed over 8,000 head of feeder cattle and had over five acres of enclosed holding pens for the auction market. The majority of the waste and runoff was directed to a singular holding pond.

Over the next 28 years, the holding pond filled in with manure and sedimentation. As the hydraulic capacity of the holding pond diminished, discharge conditions occurred during periods of high rainfall events. In 2000, the owner of the facility chose to retrofit the facility to meet the conditions of the South Dakota DENR’s Water Pollution Control Permit for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. Eisenbraun & Associates was contracted by the owner to assist in the environmental permit acquisition.

The E/A Approach
E/A arranged for geologic soil testing and completed the topographic survey work of the area. To meet the zero discharge requirements of SD DENR's environment permit, various innovations were incorporated into the design to provide for total containment of run-off from the facility. A series of sedimentation basins were placed ahead of the holding pond to eliminate the majority of solids from entering the holding pond. The holding pond was situated to provide for irrigating the run-off water onto adjacent cropland as part of the nutrient management plan. Over 4,000 acres of cropland were incorporated into the nutrient management plan for the facility. Opponents of the project protested the proposed construction through the county zoning process. The county's approval of the facility was challenged at the district court level. During this time, E/A successfully obtained approval from SD DENR for the construction of the revised facility. E/A also represented the owner in the legal proceedings and was able to successfully show to the court the environmental security of the new facility.

The Outcome
The new facility, which provides a high degree of environmental stewardship, continues to be a vibrant business in Yankton County, South Dakota.