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Lesterville, South Dakota

The Walloch Feedlot had been directed by the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (SD DENR) to upgrade their existing cattle feedlot. Their feedlot, like many throughout the state, was a traditional feedlot in which the lots were on steep slopes on either side of a drainage area. The topography of the land was such that storm water runoff from agricultural ground above the feedlot was directed through the drainage swale, then mixed with runoff from the lot and traveled unabated into the next section. The potential for pollution existed; thus, the SD DENR required that the Wallochs upgrade their facility. The Wallochs engaged an engineering firm to provide a solution. Because of the lay of the land and the fact that offsite drainage was coming through the lot, the solution provided to them included two pumping stations and several thousand feet of drainage and force mains. This solution was costly and would have required a great deal of on-going maintenance to assure reliability. After SD DENR reviewed the plans, they suggested the Wallochs consider other options. Therefore, the Wallochs came to Eisenbraun & Associates to request that we review the existing plans and provide an alternative approach.

The E/A Approach
Eisenbraun & Associates completed a topographic survey of the existing lots and all of the surrounding property. Our goal was to provide a design that required no mechanical processes, such as lift stations. E/A determined that the existing cattle feedlot arrangement needed to be totally re-vamped. This task required relocating where some of the lots were situated and changing the topography with earthwork. E/A consulted with the Wallochs to determine the final location of the lots. Comfort mounds were situated in each pen, and at the northern downhill end of the arrangement was a sedimentation pond with a holding/evaporation pond beyond. It was sized such that, in normal years, no pumping of the evaporation pond would be necessary.

The Outcome
After design completion, the SD DENR approved E/A’s solution. E/A’s proposed plans were less costly than the original project proposed to the Wallochs, and more importantly, it did not involve mechanical processes that are time-consuming and expensive to maintain. Construction was successfully completed, and the Walloch’s feedlot continues to serve their needs today.