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As a result of the new EPA livestock rules for animal feeding operations, there has been an increase in the need for engineering design services within the livestock production sector of agriculture. The 2002 Farm Bill provided the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) with monies to be used for the design and construction of livestock waste facilities. Due to the increased workload from the new EPA livestock rules, the SD NRCS conducted a national search for engineering assistance from private engineering consultants.

Eisenbraun & Associates was awarded a 5-year contract with the SD NRCS to perform engineering design and construction administration services for livestock facilities in South Dakota. Professional services under this contract include preliminary site assessments and conceptual layouts, development of nutrient management plans, final design plans and specifications, construction staking and construction administration. Projects under this 5-year contract have included cattle feedlots and dairy facilities of various sizes. Pictured on this page is a member of an E/A survey crew completing slope staking at one such NRCS project site.

Eisenbraun & Associates was also awarded similar 5-year contracts with the Iowa and Minnesota NRCS.