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Minnehaha County, South Dakota

The Mooody Dairy is a modern dairy facility with a capacity of approximately 4,500 head.  The project site covers over 80 acres in Minnehaha County and was constructed in multiple stages.

The E/A Approach
The owner of the facility wanted to construct a modern dairy that could be built in multiple stages.  The waste management system was designed to be constructed in phases while still obtaining an economical solution.  The facility was constructed over the course of nearly two years.  Throughout the two years of construction, E/A provided construction control staking, construction observation, and legal boundary survey services.  Multiple approvals were obtained from the SD DENR to allow the owner to increase animal numbers as the numerous buildings and holding ponds were completed.  The waste management system includes a mechanical sand separation system and four holding ponds with a capacity of over 52 million gallons.  Over 7,000 acres of cropland are utilized in the nutrient management plan.

The Outcome
A permit for the project's waste management system was successfully obtained from the SD DENR through the efforts of the firm.  E/A's project engineers also assisted in successfully obtaining a Conditional Use Permit from Minnehaha County.  The construction of the dairy was completed ahead of the anticipated schedule and is now operating at full capacity.